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Green Matcha Energizing Hand Soap Organic 380 ml - Urtekram




Green Matcha hand soap organic
 - 100% natural 
 - Ecocert® Bio Certified
- moisturizers and skin anti-aging

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Green Matcha Energizing Hand Soap Organic 380 ml - Urtekram

About the product

Gently cleans hands without leaving them dry. Formulated with Japanese green matcha anti-oxidant extract and microalgae anti-pollution extract to help balance and protect the skin against urban pollution.


Water, aloe vera*, coconut and corn sugar soap, plant-based oil products, glycerine**, matcha tea*, micro-algae extract, chili extract, lactic acid, salt, lime oil*, perfume (mixture of natural extracts and essential oils), vitamin E. (* = organic. ** = made using organic ingredients.)

Washing your hands regularly is one of the most important hygiene practices. According to the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES), 80% of microbes are transmitted by hands. Proper hand washing consists of washing them with soap, rubbing them for at least 30 seconds and drying them well. But to make sure your hands are clean and healthy, the choice of soap is essential.

This Green Matcha Liquid Hand Soap with energizing benefits combines the virtues of the plants that compose it to gently and deeply clean the skin of the hands. The combination of Japanese matcha with other organic plant extracts nourishes and soothes your skin while stimulating your senses.

100% natural ingredients

Green Matcha Liquid Hand Soap - Urtekram Energizer contains no harsh chemicals. It is composed of natural assets, including:

The matcha, very noble produced from the green tea camellia sinensis, which is advantageous as much for the health as the beauty. The high catechin content of matcha makes it an excellent antioxidant for all skin types. It slows cell degeneration and disables free radicals responsible for premature skin aging and certain skin diseases. It also relieves inflammation. Matcha also contains tannin that has natural antimicrobial and astringent properties (tightens and cleans pores). Finally, this asset, thanks to its wealth of chlorophyll, detoxifies the skin of hands by protecting it from external aggressions (pollution, chemicals, bad weather ...) to which they are constantly exposed.

Aloe extract for the high content of elemental vitamins. This miraculous plant contains indeed vitamins A, E and all those in group B, which is worth dermatological properties very interesting: healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, astringent ... In this liquid hand soap, aloe vera is especially appreciated for its ability to improve the hydration of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin to neutralize cutaneous aging.

Lime essential oil for the inestimable powers of lime on the skin. Just like the previous ingredients, this active ingredient is an excellent antioxidant that also acts on skin aging by blurring wrinkles and unsightly folds. It protects our body from pollution. And associated with aloe vera, lime is very effective to promote healing of the skin and fight against radiation. Moreover, it softens the rough areas of the skin of the hands, acts as antiseptic and brightening natural and whitens the nails.

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- Without preservatives and parabens 
- GMO Free
- Fragrance and artificial coloring 
- Not tested on animals 
- No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium 
- Certified organic by Ecocert 
- Natural and Herbal


VeganCosmetic products that carry the label Vegan are natural products that may contain vegetables and minerals but are devoid of animal ingredients (no milk, eggs or wax, no lanolin or animal collagen or animal fat ...). Vegan cosmetics are not of course tested on animals like the ingredients that constitute them.
EcocertCOSMOS-certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.  They are easy to identify from their labels which contain all the information you need to choose if the product fulfils your needs and expectations.
No animal testedThe Company does not and shall not purchase any Ingredient, formulation, or product from any Third Party Manufacturer or Supplier that conducted, Commissioned, or had been party to Animal Testing on said Ingredient, formulation, or product after the Company's Fixed Cut-off Date. If a formulation, Ingredient, or product is found not to comply with the Standard, the Company will replace it with an alternative that complies with the Standard's criteria or remove it from the product range.
Determination of the bottle300ml
PerfumeGreen Matcha



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