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Manuka Honey IAA 15+


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Manuka honey IAA 15+
  - 15% phenol index
  - applied directly to the skin for eczema
  - strengthens immune defenses
  - to sweeten and flavor hot drinks

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Determination of the bottle 250 ml,500 ml
Brand Comptoirs & Compagnies

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Manuka honey IAA 15+

Manuka honey IAA 15+ from the brand Comptoirs et Compagnies is a honey from New Zealand, known for its unique properties in the world.

Antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial, manuka honey helps strengthen natural defenses and fight many bacteria. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory, decongestant and healing properties, making it a product of choice in case of inflammation of the ENT sphere (throat, nose ...), ulcers or burns.

The French IAA® index. It gives you the scientifically proven guarantee of the effectiveness of manuka honey, namely its non-peroxidic properties. The higher the index, the greater the efficiency.

Thus IAA 15+ manuka honey has an efficiency comparable to a 15% aqueous solution of phenol, a powerful antiseptic molecule widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

From the same family as the tea tree or tea tree, manuka is a small tree that grows wild in New Zealand under difficult climatic conditions. From the Myrtaceae family, this shrub has small fragrant white and pink flowers and fragrant leaves.

Its blooming only lasts 6 weeks, the bees have little time to collect the pollen which they will then turn into precious honey with the creamy texture and taste very appreciated by gourmets.

Manuka honey, known as the honey of Maori healers, has unique scientifically recognized properties.

Ingredients: Manuka honey IAA 15+

Capacity: Jar of 250 grams.

Usage tips

To strengthen the immune system: take a teaspoon of honey once a day in a 1-month course, preferably outside of meals.

To sweeten or flavor hot drinks such as teas or herbal teas: it is a natural and healthy alternative to refined white sugar.

As a mask on the face and areas to be treated: apply manuka honey directly to the skin to treat eczema and acne. It also helps to heal.

Precautions: Manuka honey is not a medicine. It can not under any circumstances substitute for medical treatment.


By on  22 March 2019 (Manuka Honey IAA 15+) :

Works well against my mrsa

I use it to contain mrsa that is invading my nose. I apply it twice a day in the nose, and it contains the bacteria.

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