About Naturame

Who is Naturame?
Founder of Naturame, Blaise Grunder is an independent whose sole intention to share his interest in natural products. Seeking body products without chemical ingredients I select very carefully the products on sale on the site naturame.bio

Products sold are first tested by us. The list of ingredients is carefully studied.

Available in Switzerland only
naturame.bio distributes its products only in Switzerland for the moment.

The brand Urtekram
Urtekram International A / S is the largest organic wholesaler in Scandinavia. The main office is located in northern Denmark in scenic Mariager. They sell organic food in processed and frozen food categories, certified organic care products and products for people with allergies, including lactose and gluten-free products.

They sell products under their own brands, Urtekram and Nutana. In addition, they distribute products from a number of well known brands such as: Hari Tea, Biotta, Bioforce, RiceDream Dr. Schär, Rigoni di Asiago and Mádara.

Their products are sold in over 36 countries in Scandinavia, all EU and Russia, the Middle East, Asia and North America. The majority of exports of organic food in the Scandinavian countries and the export of certified organic care products.



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