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The values ​​of Comptoirs & Compagnie:
Comptoirs et Sociétés is above all a human story, linking producers, processors, our team of high quality professionals and you who consume our products every day. Pink Himalayan salt, manuka honey, Tibetan goji berries, coconut sugar ... But what is the link between all these products?

A true origin first of all. Look for the rare and unknown product, almost forgotten with unsuspected properties. Listening to the peoples of the world, understanding them, learning from them in all humility and working hand in hand with producers with respect and mutual benefit through the sectors we create.

Innovative products, which we are introducing for the majority of them on the French market for the first time. We open doors to let you see the unique and exceptional character of these products which we think they deserve to be discovered, worn and defended.

An exceptional taste, because if the adage "our food is our medicine" is obvious, we are convinced that the pleasure of the palate must be there to register this approach in the long term.

Our desire is to offer you daily natural, wild or organic products, not or very little processed to stay as close as possible to what nature has offered us. At "Comptoirs", we consider that there is no need to distort, damage or make up such rare products with exceptional efficiency. Why should we try to improve what nature has already done to perfection?

Our job is to rigorously discover and select these raw materials in their country of origin, set up partnerships with producers and drastic controls in order to guarantee you optimal quality and flawless security. Then we assemble these fruits, these spices, these honeys, before packaging them as respectfully as possible by highlighting clearly on our packaging, their properties and the guarantees that we give you on their exceptional qualities.

We are also keen to promote French know-how and local industries: today 98% of the products we offer are packaged or manufactured in France.

We know our products, we know them perfectly. We live with them, love them and respect them just as we respect those who produce them, who make them grow, who harvest them, who package them, who take care of them. They are the ones who are at the center of our approach with each of you.

To surpass oneself, to be rigorous, to innovate constantly, to be attentive to detail, to be transparent and honest at the service of the development of exceptional products that improve your daily life: these are the values ​​that drive us and the profession that is ours.

Innovation, taste and health, with respect for people and nature: this is the promise we make to you.

The Counter and Companies team.

Comptoirs & Sociétés' commitments:
At Comptoirs et Sociétés, we are committed to offering you quality products, excellent in taste.
This constant search for excellence is expressed through the products we offer, but also through the strong commitments we make:

Transparency is part of the DNA of Comptoirs et Sociétés. We want our customers, you, to have absolute guarantees on the quality of the products they buy. Our motto: "You have the right to ask for guarantees! " To do this, we clearly indicate on the packaging of our products their origins and the guarantees we give you on the excellence of their nutritional profiles. We make available on our website all the test reports carried out on our IAA manuka honey, our organic goji berries, our organic mulberries and our organic physalis. To go even further, since 2015 we have implemented a QR Code system positioned directly on the jars of manuka honey and sachets of organic goji berries. Each of you can check the actual activity of your manuka honey and the non-pesticidal content of your goji berries, directly in store before purchasing.
This is a unique approach in the world that no other supplier of manuka honey or organic goji berries has adopted.

In order to guarantee a constant quality of our products and stable prices despite fluctuating harvests from one year to the next, we have created our own direct supply chains with producers in Tibet, New Zealand, Turkey , etc. We are clearly part of a fair trade approach by funding our producers before harvest and at the prices they charge. The raw materials we are looking for are of such a rare quality that we refuse to negotiate lower prices. It is on the quality of the product that we are uncompromising. Our savings are made on other levels, by eliminating all the intermediaries between us and the producers for example. The creation of these unique sectors is today a force which allows us to offer you each year a constant rare quality at the best prices available on the market: we have for example the cheapest offer in Europe in active manuka honey .

New Zealand manuka honey, Tibetan goji berries, Himalayan pink salt ... our raw materials are endemic to distant regions, but we are committed to promoting French know-how. Thus, 98% of the products we offer are packaged or manufactured in France, Provence, Alsace, Loire Atlantique, etc.


In order to be able to offer exceptional products of unique quality, we rigorously select rare and endemic raw materials from their country of origin, often far away. As the distance between these quality products and us cannot be reduced, we decided to set up a process aimed at 100% offsetting our carbon footprint. The principle is as follows: all of our carbon consumption linked to the transport of our raw materials and finished products is calculated and then converted into "carbon credits". The purchase of these carbon credits makes it possible to finance a project which avoids a similar amount of CO2 emissions. This project is carried out by an independent body which has NGO status. This year, we are participating in the Qori Q’oncha project in Peru. This project aims to disseminate wood cookers in Peruvian families with 3 levels of impact:


Reduction of wood consumption by 1.9 tonnes per year per family.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5 TeqCO₂ per year and per family


Savings of $ 37 per month for families buying wood.
Savings of 6.2 hours of time per month for families who collect wood.


100% of cookers are equipped with chimneys which evacuate up to 98% of toxic gases.
100% of families consider that there is far less smoke in their homes.

For more information on this project, click here:

We also wanted to go further every day in our responsible approach. This is reflected in the various services of the company:

At the logistical level, we recycle all of the packaging boxes received from our various suppliers, using them to replace the packaging chips for the product packages that we send to our customers.
In offices, we recycle all of the paper used through the RECYGO service offered by La Poste. This allows on the one hand to recycle a significant amount of paper and thus minimize our production of CO2, and on the other hand to allow people in difficulty to build their return to sustainable employment.
We systematically favor subcontractors geographically close to our head office. Thus, all of our manual packaging operations are carried out within ESAT which are located within a radius of less than 50 km from our warehouses.


Buying an electric car: we have replaced our traditional aging company vehicle with a 100% electric vehicle!

The exclusive use of 100% renewable energy to power our premises: our energy supplier Enercoop sources directly and exclusively from renewable energy producers. Energy comes from hydroelectric power stations, biomass, wind turbines and photovoltaic installations. It is therefore 100% clean energy that allows us to concoct the beautiful products that we offer!

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